Monday, December 23, 2013

Storm and Rainbow, they are part of our life

Adat kehidupan mungkin
Orang datang dan pergi dalam kehidupan kita
Kedatangan mereka mungkin
Mendatangkan seribu satu pembaharuan
Mendatangkan mudarat
Memberi kesan kepada seorang
Semoga segala yang datang dan pergi
Memberi kebaikan dan manfaat
Bukan pada masa sekarang sahaja
Pada akhirat yang kekal abadi

#secebis rasa

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Allah I wanna Thank You

Salam. Hey people! I can't wait to finish my studies and be a doctor. May I able to help people with my knowledge. I'm inspired with the videos made by my senior in youtube. She did her speech during convocation and her speech made me cried. Tears falling. T.T After 5 years of studying, she has become what she really wanted the most. InshaAllah my turn will come soon. InshaAllah.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bola Tampar

Assalamualaikum kawan-kawan. :)

I just finish my last class with Sir Arshad of Bola Tampar. Hooooooo.. Okay, I join this bola tampar because this is kokurikulum that we have to take. Of course there is many other sports I can join but the fate is, I ended up in bola tampar. Alhamdulillah. This choice is indeed the best choice i've choosen. Sir Arshad, he is really very understanding all of us. Though we do little bit here and there of mistakes but he is still cool and yeahh AWESOME. Allah led me to this club and Allah too let me feels all this feeling of joyous and grateful and fun and so many things. Since I have quite some free time, (my class just now is only at 8-9am, and today we finish early.weeeeee) I got to update this thing since the internet is speedy his way to me, hahah and now, relaxingly updating the blog about it. :))))))) *can you see the smile there. A lot isn't it? That shows my feeling of excitedness. perhaps it's more than that. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. :)

Okay, now, my roommate is here. guess will update later since I'm a bit shy to update my blog in front of her. hehe. Senyap-senyap sudehhh. :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Latest One

salam. :)

Hai hai hai everyone. These days had been easy days for me to get connected to internet. say what? didn't I previously complained on how much I can't access the net but somehow things changed. Huuu, today is sunday and of course tomorrow is monday. Monday blues around me? ohhh yes. but somehow the spirit is here. the spirit to study and not to let go of the knowledge and still able to bear with the latest and newest knowledge tomorrow. Ohh, I have abandon my blog since last month? I know I'm a bit on and off person so things been the same for the blog. I've been like biscuits just floating for one moment and then sinking deep to bottom. :) However, life is still the same. Housemates too. Just the flow is different. Sometimes things are too harsh and intense but sometimes , we are so free and have time to enjoy and relax. Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Arinah Halim. She was my friend in Semashur. She was my classmates and last two weeks, she left us. Allah has taken her for good. InshaAllah. As far as I can remember, we barely talk back then. I smiled at her and she smiled me back. The only moment we had is that when she met me saying "Ain dah pecah kan sudu kau..." that is the only moment I can remember where we have a little conversation. Back then, she was a smart and top student. My du'a is always for her. InshaAllah, dia berada dalam kalangan orang yang soleh dan solehah. Amin. To be frank, I'm a little taken aback with this news. She's so young and only 20. Allah, sesungguhnya the death is near and for sure each of us will face it. May our last moment be in good one. InshaAllah. :)

Hey, you guys know what, I followed tajweed class here in my 17th College of UPM. Allah, I have always thought that my reading is okay I reckon but then, when I read in front of Ustaz, he corrected me like few times. Until one moment I felt like laughing because my mouth felt very tired?no i don't know how to describe it but just felt like to laugh. Now only I know that my reading is not as good as I thought it was. The learning process has always been interesting, intriguing. Ustaz also has great bacaan and as always, I hope I can improve mine as we go through it. InshaAllah. :)

What else to say? I'm in my almost end of first semester of 2nd year. Hopefully all of us will be a good doctor. InshaAllah. 3 years to go. I can't wait to go to hospital next year. InshaAllah. :) My friends, don't give up. Allah is always near. Ask Allah anything, He hears you, you know? till then. I like to write. May we able to balance our life. Not only to study but also to do ibadah and not forgetting akhirat in anything we do. :)

salam lovelies. :)
till we meet again.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Tears of Joy

Assalamualaikum wbt! :)

Hey we meet again! :) Alhamdulillah, assessment had just over yesterday.~~


Allah, I just read about this guy named Ammar. Allahu. We're at the same age 20. However, his story, has touched my heart. Allah has taken him for good. InshaAllah. :')

Allah, may everything that I did, that I will do, will have your redha. :')

I am happy but at the same time envy of him. InshaAllah, we'll have the chance of doing the same. InshaAllah.

Till then.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Even the Cats are Meowing

Assalamualaikum wbt. :)

What's up everyone. Next Thursday I'll have my MS assessment. So yeah basically in a marathon to finish all the lecture notes. Like what I did during previous assessment. I still have tonnes of load to be finished. Yet too many tests are upcoming such as the tocie ( english test for those who got band 3 for muet ) and bola tampar also got test. They want us to hit the ball and make sure it fits the correct position. Full marks will be given to those hit the target. I'm not so good in bola tampar but I can play. I can hit and get the ball to the other side of court.

Once I used to get attached to da'wah thing. I used to being brainwashed when we had our usrah. But the brainwashing is not like a torture or something, it is something that made you feel really low and deserves nothing but punishment because of the bad things you did. Allah, somehow I don't know why I feel very empty after those moments had passed. :( When I read about their journey and their feelings on this particular thing, I feel envious and I wanted to join them. However, I know there is still many other doors that can lead me to this. InshaAllah. I'll always pray for them.

For me, their presence have such a high value to me. They are precious to me. They cause me to open my eyes wide open and thought about Islam. Practices what you should practice and others. Oh. Alhamdulillah. And now, even my surrounding friends, they practice Islam. They do what Islam, what Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW ask to do. Indeed, Allah has sent me so many things through them. I think and I thought of it as it comes from Allah. All the good things, the bad things, they have valued in it which I think Allah wants me this way, Allah wants me that way, etc.

I am very keen to have knowledge. Who doesn't right? If can, I want to know every bits and bite of any knowledge in the world. I just like to have the knowledge. I am. To some extent, sometimes I feel like I'm so greedy but at the same time the spirit is not there. The enthusiasm is absent. The feeling of getting new knowledge disappear. Apparently, human being is just a human being. They have their own ups and downs. High spirit and low spirit. Happy time and moody time.

And me, I am in the middle of the ocean wave. Being carried by the wave, however, I have faith in Him. May He leads me to the right destination. Will never stop asking help from Him. Indeed.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

So This Is It

Salam. :)

Hey pals. My holidays is about to end. :'( Guess, some of you are same as me. Well, some works given beforehand are still the same as when I first got them. OMG, I haven't touch them. Will do after this, InshaAllah. :)

I actually wanted to update this blog like half an hour ago? but it was delayed since I read this piece of writing by Amy Shakirah Furzane. Go read if you have time. She wrote this once she got inspired by her favorite writer, Nicholas Spark. After finishing read his book entitled ........ *sorry I don't remember. Speaking of him, to me, Nicholas' pieces are overwhelming since the story that he brought up mostly are romance. Well, maybe a touching one too? As hard as I can remember, I never read any of his books. But what I did was just read few pages of friends' book back then. I remember my friend who is a guy telling me that he cried when he watched the movie, A Walk To Remember. I was like, whoahhhh, is the story so touching that even a man can cry? So yeah, the story did touch my heart too actually. Hahaha, I'm sorry that I sound like haven't seen the movie/ I don't know anything but when actually I already did. As far as I can remember, I didn't cry watching that movie. Maybe because I'm not into the movie?

Whatever it is. Time flies really fast. I feel like doing everything at the same time but also feeling like doing nothing. Allah. Help me go through this life with your guidance. Don't ever let me decide my own ways. Indeed the best is coming from You.

By the way, my friend I mentioned above is Pop. Ya Allah, what's his full name. Let me check his FB. Oh yeah, Amirul Fitri. He's in Mesir right now. Currently studies medicine. I wonder what he's up to now. He was my groupmate when we were in PASUM. One of the four heroes. HAHAHA. ewww, geli lah pulak calling them heroes. Whatever-lah. PASUM is always been in my heart. There's always a space I provide there specially for PASUM. :)

till then. Salam.

# Let's get the study mood again. Playing time is over.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Apa kabo semua? sihat dok? Alhamdulillah, ore sihat kat sini. Ore baru jah pah abih jale kelate. Pusing kelate slamo 3 hari gok la. Alhamdulillah. Kita ore semo slmt kelik and smpi smulo kat tmpt masing2. Sbnrnyo kalo tak da saing dari kelate, tak g jgok ke sano. Tp sbb ade, 3 ore plop tu.. haha, 3 hari kat sano dah bule kecek kelate. huhuuu. Haha. maaf deh kalo ore tulis ejaan ni salo, ore tak tahu plop nk eje, tp kalo kecek tu bule la ckit2. Haha

AHA!! So, what can you determine from the paragraph above? I went to KELANTAN!!! YEAYYYY correct! ;)))) We went there for 3 days 2 nights trip. We spent our first night in Alya's house and second night on Min's. We took lots of picture for sure. We smile, we laugh, we had fun. Thanks to Allah for giving these ni'mat. Alhamdulillah. Oh My God, I can guarantee you that you'll get more layers of fat if you stay longer in Kelantan, especially if you're lazy to exercise. Don't get me wrong, I'm saying this just because I'm not get used to the food. The food in Kelantan is really taste sweet. It's 3 times sweeter than usual or maybe more? Since most of us don't get used to that high level of sweetness, thanks to Min and Alya for reducing the sweetness of the food so that we can eat peacefully and gracefully without complaining. Ehehhh. :P

Somehow, I can adapt to the food sweetness by the time the 3rd day had arrived. I ate laksam and surprisingly I don't complain it to be sweet. But, when my other friends have little taste and they told me, 'manisnya Min!!!' , so I probably can accept that sweetness? erk, maybe? 

My transportation to this city of Cik Siti Wan Kembang is via airplane, Air Asia now everyone can fly. Huhu. We're so lucky to get the low price ticket when they have just promote the price. So people, grab the chance to have the ticket at low prices. Keep updated with Air Asia's website. Eh, like a promoter here. However, it's not me who bought the ticket. It was my friend, Rasyidah that get the tickets for us. Furthermore, she bought the ticket online and also made payment online via CIMB click. Again, if you have CIMB click, your life will get easier. Everything is at your fingertips. :D Haha, me is sad. I'm promoting this but I don't have one. Just because I don't know how to activate and also I don't have any money in my CIMB account. :'(

Okay, proceed proceed.

On this journey, Zimah and Syabi couldn't make it for they have their own solid reasons. It's okay, we'll bring them on to the next trip. Surely, they will be forced by me if they don't want to. grrrrr.. :PPP 
*ERK? me? forcing people? AHAHAH.., oppss sorry, forcing is really not my style, just telling*

Huhu, long story short. There is a sad story throughout this trip. The story is about pictures. Lots of pictures diminished, disappeared the moment Min insert memory card to her phones. Yeah, since none of us bring camera, we took those photos with camera phone, especially Min's phone. But when the kakak who inserted the memory card into her phone, she deleted / formated the phone causing all the storage to be gone. :'((( sad sad sad. Frustrated. It is definitely a lie if somebody say that they are okay with what had happened. Me too, feel sad and frustrated. Somehow to get the emotion stable, what we can do is istighfar and be positive. Allah must has prepared something better for us. InshaAllah. :')

Since this is the first trip of us, housemates to Kelantan, maybe next trip to I-don't-know-where will be on next semester? Haha. Just saying. We definitely will go to other places, if Allah wills. InshaAllah. :D Sleep over to friends house that is hundreds mile apart from home is one of the sweetest thing happen to me. Alhamdulillah. As a remarks, I wanted to write that I'm glad we could go to a long trip though we took plane and that shortened the journey like 90% of 9 hours? And that is in our year 2. More upcoming trips to be enjoyed next. InshaAllah. heeeheeee

Oh ya, there is one more thing I wanted you guys to do. Please sedekahkan Al-Fatihah for my nenek saudara that had left us 2 days ago. Al-fatihah. Semoga rohnya berada dalam kalangan orang yang beriman. Mudah-mudahan. InshaAllah. 

So, that's it people. Story of my life.

May Allah guide us to the right path of this life.

Salam. :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

welcome Nov!

Assalamualaikum and Hello hello hello.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Bismillah. After taking a deep breath, did you guys feel a little calmer than before? I do. That's why when things getting tougher in its own way, I just take a deep breath and do some zikr. So that thought will be even more rational and emotional doesn't screw up the thought. Alhamdulillah.

Am writing bits by bits what had happened to me. Tomorrow, AMSA UPM will have our very first event which is AMSA DIABETIC RUN. Yeahh, me as in Booklet Department has been really really patient and is looking forward to this day. but I'm home currently, will move to Uni just in a short while. Since yesterday my schedule was really free, I went back home. And today, I have to go back already. A load of work to be done! Need to help my friends. I want to help them to reduce their burden inshaAllah. :) A good teamwork will have their member to willingly help others. :)

Guess, that's it.

Will always wanting to write more but i just loved to create excuses so that I don't have to write long long story of mine.

Off the keyboard.

bye peeps. hopefully all is well.

Pray for me, pray for others. :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

October Punya Cerita

Salam. :)

Hye peeps. What's up? sihat ? Huhuu...last time I update my blog was on last month. Well, you guys should know by now what the reason is since I've told about it in my previous post. Alhamdulillah. Hari Raya Haji is coming soon. It's on this Tuesday. As for me, I get to be 'relieved' from the study world till Wednesday. Woot woot. Holiday until this Wed. I don't know what to write for now, as I just came back from hostel. Also, just finished eating with family. My stomach is so full right now. As if it want to explode. Burst all the fluid mucous viscous solid whatever. Haha. okaylah. I miss to write and to update my blog. Will stop now and continue later.

# honestly, without Allah, I am nobody. :'( for that Alhamdulillah for everything. Say Alhamdulillah. :)

Friday, September 13, 2013


Salam everyone! :)

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for everything. :')

I'm in my year two noww! :) woohoooooo... :D So many things happened in the first week. Yet future has even more amazing things awaited. Although it's only first week, class had been so packed. Start at 8 finish at 5. Some more my biological clock has not return to what it's suppose to which is to sleep early and rise early. Am feeling very sleepy in class although it's only 9 am in the morning. 2nd lecture of the day. Somehow the coming weeks are even full and yes in between got the test. :/ Yes, to become a doctor, ain't easy. I know that fact real well. Know what, my cousin once told me that, studying is easier than when you practice to become one. When you're in HO and so whatever. So I should take the opportunity to you know, get fun during study and be ready mentally and physically. Oh friends, pray for my success okay? only Allah can pay you back. InshaAllah. Amin.

I'm home now. I can never get online or update this blog if I stay in college. This is due to poor internet connection between my laptop and the wifi. I just don't get it why is my laptop is hardly get connected to upm wifi or uspot. Guess the laptop is too thin that it cannot recognise there is one more laptop wanted to be in wifi line. That is what I always thought about. Thankfully my friends are there. Their laptops are easy to get internet connection one. So, I use them sometimes, like in this week, I onlined about 2 times to 3 times. Just because it's my friends' laptop. I cannot use the laptop for too long. They have work to do also. That is laptop thing.

Aiyyah, already feel lazy to continue. I'm so so sorry that my post is too much of a crap. Didn't mean to do that though.

Till then people. Bye salam.

# when is jpa going to give me money. I need moneyyyyyyy . who don't? ekekeke
# may Allah bless us. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Is it Necessary?

Assalamualaikum wbt!

So far, I've settled down my things in about 30-40%. Alhamdulillah. Still got lot of things to be packed. Hmmm.. I wanted to buy some other things too like sweater, sport shoes, socks, some blouses. Do you guys think it is wasteful to spend money on that? I haven't tell this one thing to you guys. I want to start wearing blouses to lectures. I don't want to fully wear baju kurung for the whole week. I want to have variation in my closet. But then, in order to wear blouses, I have to buy some first, since I don't have any. Okay tipu. It's not that I don't have at all but only 1 or 2. Arghhh, why do I feel like I don't have to tell you guys this. Really not matter to you guys pun. :/ Changes is good right. It's just that in the last two semesters I wore baju kurung to class almost everyday. Yeah, I wore baju kurung everyday except on some Friday where I have to go back home by train. Only on that day will I wear clothes other than baju kurung. Some more the clothes that I wear is a muslimah t-shirt. I know, some of you does not even bother if it's a shirt, a blouse or whatsoever clothes you put on and you guys just wear and go to class as usual. However, to me, wearing something formal is necessary to go to class. I don't know why I'm like that. Besides, as future doctors (inshaAllah), shouldn't we train ourselves to be more formal than any other students? Again, I know you guys must see it as so nerdy to wear those shirt with ties and shoes etc, but hey, believe me you look even smarter and more handsome if you wear like that. Haha. Got my point? Truthfully, I don't really care what my friends are wearing as long as their clothes covering the aurat. That should be good enough for me. Enough nagging. InshaAllah, I will try to cover my aurat as perfectly as possible. The niat, intention, really should be to wear those clothes not to please human but to please Allah the Creator. :)

Next is I told mama about how nervous and scary I was to be in second year. HAHA. Funny ain't it? But then I also told her that I feel excited to be second year and that I can't wait to see juniors. Hehe. I bet that my contentment for juniors only lasts for this batch. To really get to know the juniors since we have lots of events that we as the second years have to handle first years or freshies. :) Big responsibility isn't it? Hopefully everything going on well. InshaAllah. Great news is also reaching me in which my roommate also manage to enter second year. Alhamdulillah. Allah, I'm so grateful for this.

Till then I guess.
Bye people. salam. :)

# semoga segala urusan dipermudahkanNya. Amin. InshaAllah. :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Had These Before


InshaAllah when I'm finally becoming a doctor, I would serve my patient the best of me. InshaAllah. :) I'm feeling good to hear people calling me doctor although the journey is still long and yeah. InshaAllah. I pray a lot that I'll become what I wanted to be. I also pray that my friends (you guys) are also achieving success in your life. Most importantly to succeed in the life after. I also pray hard that there's no riya' in me. That I keep myself low down to earth as possible. As humble as possible. Because I know, there's no good in acting that way. Plus, Allah doesn't like it. ;) As of today, I feel really calm and start to pack little by little my things to bring to college. I'm going to list out things to bring etc so there wouldn't be any left out, hopefully.

Oh yeah, this morning, I watched videos on youtube regarding acne. Actually i am first watching a makeup vid which my friend posted on FB, then, it brought me to this person who has acne, gigantic one, and still doing tutorial on make up on how to cover the acne using foundation. She amazed me in so many ways. She posts her videos on the acne treatment journey. FYI, she is now under accutane treatment. It's a kind of treatment where you have to eat pills (birth control pills and some other) and that will heal the acne. Yeah, so she told the whole world about her acne. That how she got the acne, why and also showed us the progress which before and currently. And as for now, her acne has gone not totally but for sure she looks much better. And as for me, I envy her confident, her courage, her braveness, her out spoken way and herself when facing this situation. Watching her videos made me think about my days back then. When I have gigantic pimples. But I tell you, mine is not as worse as she was. Oh God, I pray that her treatment go well and she get the clear skin that she wants to.

Still, I will take good care of my skin. Aside from praying to Allah to let me has the clear skin, the smooth and flawless skin care routine. InshaAllah. eheh, mcm over pulak. I do take seriously about my skin. That is because my skin is kinda oily and acne prone. It's kind of sensitive and I have to take extra care for it. I'm quite nervous to come back to college after this and continue my study. It's because me staying at home, I rarely go out but if I go, I'll wear foundation to cover the acne scar. But to do that when you're studying, doesn't it look like you are over to even put up foundation or other words, make up during study? Oh, is it just me that feels that way. One thing for sure, I'll bring my facial cleanser to wash my face during noon break. Yeah, that is the time of the day where all your oil shows themselves and make your lovely face shining from afar. I don't feel comfortable in that way, so, washing face should be okay. ;)

Anyhow, I'm still grateful in my condition right now. It's a test remember? Allah tests you in many ways. I accepted it and to Allah I return to. :) Don't lose hope cause Allah is always by your side.. ;)

That's all. till then lovelies. Salam.

# the link about the girl I talked about :
# the title referring to second paragraph onwards

Monday, September 2, 2013

kriuk kriuk...asli

Assalamualaikum! :)

Am thinking of writing something errr crap? maybe. just my 2 cents over here. Oh no, it's useless too read unless you have plenty of time to read. then go on but if you don't want to waste your precious time on such a worthless thing, then i beg you to leave. Ohho. I sounded like desperately trying to get you outta here i guess. Haha. Oklah this post is totally random.

I browsing facebook. then i see my friends pictures. I like to see pictures. I mean, I like it when the subject of photo is happy. or pretty or gahh awesome and handsome. Then, too much of handsome pictures I clicked and I get excited. Urghh,, geli la pulak. It's not like excited excited but I just like, why all these guys are so handsome. and then I was like searching and scrolling down for more info but what is upsetting me (not so upset la more into what makes me fed up) is that they are not my friend. CHOIIII!!!! I look at their pictures and they are not even my friends but I'm happy to see those handsome faces. OhmyGODDDD. This is totally bullshit. Haha. Well, fitrah it is. To see someone handsome and pretty. We like to see something good. kan?

so, random it is.

till then.

# the title has nothing to do with the body. tsk tsk.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Important Things


I realized right now that whenever I look at my seniors, my heart, my body, my breath, my feeling will always get excited. Contentment, joyous, excitement. I feel really happy that they've passed the tough years and now they are a doctor. A real one. I feel content by just seeing their picture. How I admire them, how they inspired me so much that I really want to be in their position in future. InshaAllah. :) Dr. Fairuz Mahamod. A tag name will be made and that's what will be written on. InshaAllah. :) Allah, too many ups and downs here in this pathway of my dream. The path has never seems to be straighten but even more complicated. Yet I'm grateful to have You, Allah. This believes, this faith reassured me that anything happen, is always under Your control. I will never give up and put my trust on You. Ask You many times, cry in front of You. You're there. Allah. But sometimes, not sometimes but most of the times, U make it easy for me. Alhamdulillah.

I'm into the mood of getting into new sem now. Should prepared well mentally and physically. May Allah ease the affairs. Amin. Even right now, I'm excited with the freshies going on with orientation. Next week will be each courses orientation like medic orientation, biomed orientation, PKK orientation, KPP orientation. And I as the AJK Makanan will serve you guys with the best food we can provide of. InshaAllah. HA HA HA. Well, that sounds POYOSSS. hehe. Oklah, actually the first paragraph is the purpose of this post. The second one should be like side dishes only. It's insignificant. Thus the 3rd one should be ... hmm.. a real one from me. too.

I shed my tears when reading the newspaper about our country recent independent day. Alhamdulillah. Malaysia is such a harmony and peace country. Alhamdulillah. The reason why shedding tears is because it tells about the heroes that died in order to save Malaysia. Thus, I cried. That is that. With the sacrifices they made to save Malaysia, what about the Egyptian, the Palestinians, they must have cried even more. T.T My sisters and brothers there, they need our prayer. They have become really strong and I salute each of them. They read Quran eventhough they are in pain. And how about us. how about me? TT_TT Somehow, if people say they don't shed a tear when their family member die, I will believe that saying. Because of what? Because I know they knew that their family members died as martyr and is living peacefully in Jannah.

Realizing one thing after another. I'm still lacking about many things. I'm still struggling myself to be a better Muslim, to be a better mu'min, (InshaAllah. Amin) to be more confident, to be bravely voice out the opinion etc. I will make sure to grab the opportunity and join Konvensyen Bidadari in the near future. InshaAllah. Because I want to be bukan saja bidadari di dunia tetapi juga di syurga sana. InshaAllah. :)

u know I gave this to mama via FB. I'm a person who can't talk face to face if its about feeling or confession or what, thus, I portray it into pictures. :)

Till then people. I talk a lot tonight. Salam~

# always pray for our sisters and brothers in Mesir, Palestine, etc.
# can you pray for my success in this world and hereafter? thank you! :) heeeheee

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Awaiting for Future


I'm feeling blessed for having a life that is really really awesome to say. Allah, I'm glad that I've lived up to this day. Alhamdulillah. My facebook account has been really helpful in seeing the great thing that had happened in my life. I mean, the picture I got tagged to. The pictures worth thousand words. Yeah, apart from the need to study all the facts, being able to have fun with friends are also a precious thing for me. They are my rainbow. They color my life. :) I love them dearly. I love them for the sake of Allah. 

Although I keep on thinking whether I can or not to have this kind of fun in the future, I believe, if God allows it, then I can still experience it. :) I've been preparing my mental and physical to be greater tough in the future. For the tougher subject and experience that need to be endure. Time will not always on my side. They have more time than I do. Well, just leave it to Allah. :) Stay positive. 

I love this song. :)

Till then I guess. :)

Monday, August 26, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt! :)

I'm back for good people! :D HAHA. leaving the house for vacation with friends. I went to Langkawi. Oh God, too much of beautiful scenery to be mesmerized of. SubhanaAllah. With happening friends all around. I'm hoping that our friendship will last to Jannah. InshaAllah. The next trip will be better I guess.

Munirah will join us next time. InshaAllah. :)

friends, thank you so much guys for the good all time that we had. :) May our friendships lasts till Jannah. inshaAllah. :D

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For These

Assalamualaikum wbt. :D

I've been abandoning my blog for quite some time. *ceh ayat..mcm tak biasa buat je.. ahaha* well, that's as a starter line. Lots of stories I would loved to share. *banyak la sangat..nanti time tulis, rasa malas, end up writing only bits of the whole story..typical me. sigh sigh.* Recently, my brother got married. Alhamdulillah. I did some speech for him in my previous entry. Hahaha, I'm a good sister, ain't I? hehe. So I did a speech that he won't even read it I guess. Well who knows he might stumble upon my link and read that post. Who knows? There you go, slightly tiny little hope from me that he can read my post. Okay I should cut the crap off now. But honestly, I'm glad to have another one becoming part of the family. I like big family remember? So, here's some pictures during the weds. Thanks to kak Yati for snapping the pictures. Though we also did took some photos but the photos remain in the memory card yet to be transferred.

On the left seat : Me, basith, shafinaz
On the left stand : Mudzil and Humaira', raqib the handsome groom, azim, moidz, hasib, kak Nida the lovely bride, kak fadila the first sister in-law

tengok si kecik Humaira' looking at her dad like "what are you doing dad?" haha

Okay we move on to the next topic. :D
When the weds was on the bride side, that was my birthday. I'm officially 20 year old happy and cheerful girl yet to be matured. AHAKSS. Alhamdulillah. One year older now. One year closer to death. One year closer to becoming a wife, eh? a mother, eh? and a doctor of course. InshaAllah. :) Also, I'm praying that I can improve my ibadah. InshaAllah. :) Many of my friends wished me on my birthday. I thank them for wishing me. I'm even more happy to read the little pray they did for me. All I can do was to AMIN all the prays they made. Since my birthday fall on the same day as my brothers wed, I didn't received a cake as always. But that should be nothing as to compare to receiving a new family member. hehe. :)

Next. Mesir. Palestin. Syria.
Allah, my brothers and sisters there, they are on their way to meet You. Never they look a little hopeless nor giving up cause they have their strongest faith in You. Allahu, their test that You gave is much more heavier than mine. Their test which can lead them to the taste of death and becoming one of the Jannah member. Oh I envy them. However. my prayer is always with them. For defending Islam. One day, my turn will come. InshaAllah. Amin. :'(

Till then I guess. Toodle. :D

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt! :)

hey all. I've got my result. Alhamdulillah. I'm blessed and grateful to Allah for listening my wish. My pray. Alhamdulillah. Again. I've passed all packages. Alhamdulillah. 2nd year, here I come. Another adventuring journey will begin in less than a month. May Allah ease my journey.

Allahu Rabb, Allah, my dear brothers and sisters, they were killed in Mesir. Allahu Rabb, they fought for Islam. They defend Islam. But they just demonstrate, why should the mesir army shoot them, or killed them, why? scared enough huh? Allahu Rabb, I'm so into this matter. me myself feels a deep grief for my brothers and sisters there. Allahu Rabb, put them in Jannah. They deserve that.

do you know about qunut nazilah? I know but I never recite it along in my prayer. I should have start sooner. But then, now I must insert this dua. you guys too. This is the least we could do for them. O Allah, grant us the prayer. Amin. inshaAllah. oklah, till then. bye salam.

p/s : Alhamdulillah. I passed all the packages. Thank you everyone for praying for my success and my friends too. :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

time flies

Assalamualaikum wbt! :)

Hoyeahh! Raya mood is in the air. Been staying in malacca for almost a week. 5 days to be exact. Staying at kampung is really refreshing. The air, the freshness that you can't found in the city. Alahaii,,my house in klang pun can be considered as a rural area okay..Already been home since a week ago as my last paper finished on last Monday. I want to upload pictures of raya but sadly all the pictures are with my brother. So, that would be later work I guess.

hey I miss studying. Isn't that odd. I miss fulfilling my time with good stuff. :( I'm wasting my time here at home. Because after all the work I've done, I'll just sit in front of lappy and searching for some random things. Stalking, looking out for recipe that I don't even know when will it become real, waiting for somebody to text me or what. Haha. Life as it is. Bet that's why the world is only temporary. Hereafter is forever.

Listening to bollywood songs. The one from mohabbatein, kuch kuch hota hai, kal ho naho, these are my bollywood songs that I favour as to compared to other films. okay, that's all for now, I'm gonna start my 6 days fasting tomorrow. InshaAllah. :) But should start with the wajib one first. Friends out there, don't forget to fast in the month of syawal. Lots of advantages will you get from it.

My abang is going to get married this weekend. My little notes for him.

Hey you! aha! qib, May you become a leader that can guide your wife and future kids to jannah. InshaAllah. I'm praying that you'll have your happiness not only in this world but also in the hereafter. inshaAllah. I'm glad you're getting married. Because of that, our family members has increased by one. hihi. having a big family is always one of my dreams.

till then. salam. :)

p/s : selamat hari raya! :) it's 5th syawal already. time really flies. kan? huhu
p/s : result is coming out this tuesday. Pray hard for the good result. No matter what, Allah knows best for me. So, keep calm and smiling. ;)

Friday, August 2, 2013

final egzam!

Assalamualaikum! :)

Jam menunjukkan pukul 2.30 pagi, tapi aku masih segar bugar lagi. Pheww,, 3 packages had passed! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah! Those words keep coming out from my mouth and keep on playing in my mind. Maybe because of the fact that the exam is over *mostly*. :) As for now, I already did my best and I hope for the best! Although frankly and honestly speaking I admit that I didn't do quiet well in this exam. But somehow, I know I already did my best. Allah will handle the rest of the thing. I don't want to sit for viva or resit. Be positive Fairuz! Allah is with you. Always.

One more exam to be seated, which is OSPE. It's on this Monday. Thus, for now, I'll do my best in it since I did poorly in the previous session. I want to score high marks and I want to pass the exam with flying colours. InshaAllah. :)

Talk about exam will never stop. Since that should be an anesthetic to us till another 4 years, why bother? Haha. So, since the exam is in Ramadhan, the feeling of fasting is not the same like when we don't have any big exam. All priorities are towards the exam. With only 1 study week to cover all six modules! But then, Alhamdulillah, I keep on doing tarawih prayer because who knows, this would be the last ramadhan for me?

Know what, some of my friends told me that I looked really calm like there's no exam on the next day because I slept early. They told me I don't look stressed on the exam thing. For example, stress for still not covering all the topics, stress on guessing which topic is going to be asked in exam etc. Then, I just keep on smiling and never tell the truth. I know, all these exam thing will stuck in our life like ages. I know more that I have Allah. I don't want to stress out or feels worry (i did felt worry, it's just not too worry shall I say) like really worry, because I think the test is to small to be compared to tests toward our Prophets or sahabat. So, what I did was, I will always try my best, but when I already start to feel sleepy, then I'll go sleep straight away. But then, I know for myself, if you sleep early, then you should wake up early too.

Huhu. am getting sleepy. till then.

# doakan saya lulus ye kawan-kawan! :) Hanya Allah saja yang dapat membalas jasa kalian.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

make me strong

Today is Nuzul Quran day which is also celebrated by Selangorian by having holiday. SubhanAllah, we've come to 16 ramadhan. Yeah, reaching the end of Ramadhan. As for me, I'll be sitting for exams starting next wednesday. Quite challenging though. 6 modules to finish within 1 week study. I keep on complaining that I don't have time to finish study all this. But somehow, I also believe in this barakah month, Allah will help me. Allah will help all of His servants who wished for His help. I need help. I always pray to Allah. Whenever I feel weak and feel like crying, I will cry to Him. I am relieved that I know He is near by. Very Near indeed. Okay that's all. Ya Allah, bantulah aku dalam peperiksaan kali ini ya Allah. Hanya kepada Kau aku berserah. Amin.

toodles people! :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

When I See Her


I felt my heart is burning. My heart is weakening when I see her. Her face expression described her pain. She always tell me that her body is aching. I don't know how to relieve her pain. I don't know. I feel sad that she felt the pain. I hope the pain can be transferred to me. I don't like to see her in pain. Although her age seemed to be the main reason why she feels the pain. She's turning 56 this year. Although I've given her massage, but that still can't relieves the pain she felt. She's my mother, and I love her. All I can do now is to give my best in every single thing she asked me to do. I also know that Allah is testing her and me.

Oh Allah, I know that one day every each of us will be meeting you. And I hope that you will take our soul smoothly especially to my parents. Oh Allah, please put my parents in Jannah because they did their job as parents wonderfully, and I know they too worship You as supposed to.

I'm writing this because I feel like I want to talk about this to someone. Somehow, I don't find the right person to be talked to. Hence, my little talk over here.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

in Hardships


When a servant is in problem, don't hesitate to talk to Allah. Talk and pray cause He always listens and never lets us down. Cry to Him cause you know, Allah is always with us. :')

Ramadhan Kareem. :)

tomorrow is the first day of fasting

Ya Rabbi.

Yeah, life has never been in a smooth plane. Somehow, I learn and try myself out to adapt to the situation. Knowing that pretty much a lot of knowledge need to be gained of and make use of it in the clinical years, I tried the best as I could. InshaAllah with Allah's help, I can survive this. Dear friends, and myself, just be positive on whatever tests that He put us on to. InshaAllah, when the time comes, we all will surely be so thankful that that had happened. Amin. Happy fasting too. :)

# just a short note.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

10:27 PM

time flies. people change. and i will keep moving forward.

Allah, help me to ease my load. inshaAllah.

A future muslimah and mu'minah doctor to be.

# I'm just running out of words.
# I've got no mood to write.

## please excuse my excuses.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Assalamualaikum and a very good day everyone. :)

Just this topic came across my mind and I would like to share with you what have I been feeling towards it. It's about sleep! :) Enjoy reading people. 

ihsan Mr. Google

Before you sleeps, try to think again about what you have done for the whole day, is the good thing you did exceeded bad things or vice versa. Then, istighfar and at the same time, do forgives everyone that has done wrong to you. No matter how hardcore the wrong things can be, just forgive them and you'll find it easier to sleep. Another one last thing you can do is recite sleep prayer. InshaAllah, the next day, you can wake up early morning to perform Subuh prayer early. Alhamdulillah. 

That is what I have done usually before sleeping at night. But still I know, more things can be done before we sleep aside from the things I stated above. Such as take wudhu' and recite 3 Qul. Perhaps there are more, but since I didn't research about this matter, thus I think you can ask a person who is more advanced regarding this fact. 

Sleep also is a form of ni'mat from Allah SWT. We get to recharge our energy everytime we sleep. Alhamdulillah. Isn't that wonderful that God let us sleep. I once read in a paper which said that, 'our spirit are in the hold of Allah SWT when we sleep, and then He let the spirit return to our body so that we're awake' That's what happen to our spirit when we're sleeping. If only Allah never lets the spirit to return again to our body, that's mean we're dead. 

Basically what I'm saying here is that, our life, we are the one who acted upon it. We are the one who do everything that we want such as playing games, watching movies, wonder around the shopping complex, lepakking. Or maybe we choose to perform prayer early, read Quran, usrah, watch religious talk etc. The human never gets tired of doing what they like. They enjoy every bits of it. But I hope that eventhough we live our life, we enjoy it, but never forget that one day we'll die. We never know when the moment will be. But just be prepared, or do you think you have been well-prepared? 

Thus the production of my writing.

Just my 2 cents. be right back.

Toodles people.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Girl

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Once there is a girl who is looking out for her partner of life. She always pray that she get the guy that is suit with her condition which is compatible with everything that she had. For examples, if she is a doctor, then, she hopes that her future husband will also be a doctor or perhaps an engineer. If she did good deeds, then she hopes that her future-partner-till-jannah (inshaAllah) also did the same things. At the same time, she knew that she can only plans and pray but Allah the Almighty will put her in the best track. This girl, although she did pray and have faith, she never puts too much  hope on it. Although her faith is strong, she's still let everything to Allah. Since she knows Allah is the Best Planner after all. :)

The girl is still looking for her future partner-till-jannah. Pray for her dear friends.

Till then.

p/s : the girl in this paragraph can be anybody.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Assalamualaikum people! :D

I don't know how but I just found out that my older blog can be undeleted. Awesome right ? So, as I keep saying I was sad, upset, unhappy in my previous post, but right now I'm a happy person again. yeayyy! It's just that I'll keep that blog private because I can't take it , the spammers. They are all spamming my comment box.

Adios people. I have nothing else to share. :)

May Allah bless us and keeps us on the right track.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Salam people! :)

Basically, I'm quite sad that I had deleted my previous blog. Usually I would think twice or even thrice to delete my blog. But those moment when I had to delete my blog, I didn't think more, I just click delete and it is deleted. I didn't feel any much sorrow back then , but now I do feel upset. Why I didn't think further? I may as well just make a new one, and let the old blog become private or something. I deleted them. I deleted my memories in which I thought I can read again when I'm older. Huhu. There must be some good reasons lies behind this matter. I just don't know it yet. I'm mourning but I'm pretty cool with it though.

Okay, end of the topic. I would like to share a little bit that is happening in my life. Assessment. So far, three modules have done which means three assessments have I passed. Alhamdulillah. The result that I had after that made me even more grateful and thankful to Allah SWT. I did wrong things yet He still gives me Ni'mat.

I'm always been grateful that I'm born in Islam. And I know Islam is my way of life that Allah is my only God. When I have no one to talk to, I talk to Him. Though it may not be as loud as I speak to human beings, but I always talked to Him quietly. My eyes are wet when I know I have done some wrongs. I cried yet I know He is listening to me. :')

Ya Allah, tetapkan aku dijalan yang benar dan lurus. Jalan yang di redhai Mu ya Allah. Amin.

I think that's all for now. Toodles. Salam.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Number One

Assalamualaikum wbt! :)

I'm fairuz. That is my introduction. I'm gonna write about things that I admire in this blog. I'll try to not write things that is boring. Ahakss. I'm not sure myself if what I'm writing is pleasing all of you but the thing is I'll try not to write nonsense. In sha Allah. I'm hoping that I'll write something useful to you and to me. In sha Allah. :)

Be right back. Salam.