Friday, January 31, 2014



Salamualaikum. :)

Hey world. whats up? I've been good. Holidays right now. Thanks to Chinese New Year I get to rest for 5 days. Weeee. Okay, currently my module is epidemiology. You know, we learn about the illness that is not only happen in certain part but also worldwide. Recently my group, we had to present SARS for Communicable Disease and Stroke for Non-Communicable Disease. 

Ohh I don't know what else to write. Okay, now let us feel thankful and grateful for everything that happen around us. The sky, the weather, the easiness, the happiness we have, the laughter, family, and so many things I believe that give u, me happiness and feeling blessed. As for me, able to gain new knowledge and able to apply it in life, is a really bless from Allah. He gives me a lot. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah and Alhamdulillah. I know what I should now. Just stay positive, be positive and be one. InshaAllah. 

Oh I just realized that I last update my blog like 15 days ago. and this is my last post for january 2014. Allah. Although time flies (sure it is) , so do everything. Not literally fly but every seconds there were something happen and until now, what am I doing? Updating this blog again. Huhu. Allah, sometimes I feel like the thing that I write here, isn't suppose to be published, or is it not? Some of my rants, they are really really rants and actually I don't write a lot pun. I just say few words and I save it and publish it and ta-daaaa, my new post. =='

The fact that is sure is that, most of time, I spent on studying. Going, sitting and listening to lectures, doing SCL (student centered learning kinda tutorial), revising etc. Yes, I do feel like I'm using my time wisely. However, hopefully, I could also not only surviving the world but also Akhirat. May Allah bless me in whatever am doing, and also for you guys. May we get what we want and may we never go astray and Allah is the Best Listener. What I'm trying to say here is that, I want to balance my both duniawi and ukhrawi. Never say that you don't have time for akhirat because Allah is always preparing you the time. It's just we that don't know, don't realize how we could afford to do both at the same time. For example, very easy, you can start everything with Bismillah. And Niat, your intention to do it because of Allah. There you go, not only achieving the world excellency but also akhirat. inshaAllah. :)

I can hear laughter outside of my room right now. Maharaja Lawak Mega is airing right now. This week is 12th week. I watched just now and yeah, they are fun. But I guess, right now, is even more fun because they laugh overly out loud over there. I heard my sister and brotherrrr...Arghhh, I just want to go and see what happen but I also wanted to continue this. Hehe. Sure tomorrow there will be somebody posted up on internet. Can just watch online tomorrow.

#mood to revise endocrine module is on. InshaAllah. Final exam is in a month. Should start revising early. May Allah ease my journey. Amin. ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Glimpse that is not so

Salam.. :)

just finish another camp.

may everything that had happened has the big impact in my life.

Since we're in our second years, we were the one organizing the event and first years as the participants. Alhamdulillah everything went well and most of the time, me and my friends, we took a lot of photos and we enjoyed ourself there. Hopefully, there is something to learn by heart in the midst of joyous and playfulness of us while being there. I get to play the river for an hour ? or less since me as AJK Makanan, we had to you know, be punctual about serving and preparing the food. My teamwork with the rest of AJKs is great. I like it when we able to finish preparing the food before they got to eat. The ukhuwah we built there, may will be long lasting. inshaAllah.

This coming friday is a rest day for me and friends. Since Thaipusam fall on that day, we get the benefits by getting one day off from lectures and whatsoever. So, tomorrow, me is going back home. yeayy. Rasa macam da lama tak balik. Padahal baru 3 minggu yang lepas balik. Huhu.

K lah, goodbye peeps. May Allah bless us everytime, every second and moment of our life. InshaAllah. :)