Thursday, July 25, 2013

make me strong

Today is Nuzul Quran day which is also celebrated by Selangorian by having holiday. SubhanAllah, we've come to 16 ramadhan. Yeah, reaching the end of Ramadhan. As for me, I'll be sitting for exams starting next wednesday. Quite challenging though. 6 modules to finish within 1 week study. I keep on complaining that I don't have time to finish study all this. But somehow, I also believe in this barakah month, Allah will help me. Allah will help all of His servants who wished for His help. I need help. I always pray to Allah. Whenever I feel weak and feel like crying, I will cry to Him. I am relieved that I know He is near by. Very Near indeed. Okay that's all. Ya Allah, bantulah aku dalam peperiksaan kali ini ya Allah. Hanya kepada Kau aku berserah. Amin.

toodles people! :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

When I See Her


I felt my heart is burning. My heart is weakening when I see her. Her face expression described her pain. She always tell me that her body is aching. I don't know how to relieve her pain. I don't know. I feel sad that she felt the pain. I hope the pain can be transferred to me. I don't like to see her in pain. Although her age seemed to be the main reason why she feels the pain. She's turning 56 this year. Although I've given her massage, but that still can't relieves the pain she felt. She's my mother, and I love her. All I can do now is to give my best in every single thing she asked me to do. I also know that Allah is testing her and me.

Oh Allah, I know that one day every each of us will be meeting you. And I hope that you will take our soul smoothly especially to my parents. Oh Allah, please put my parents in Jannah because they did their job as parents wonderfully, and I know they too worship You as supposed to.

I'm writing this because I feel like I want to talk about this to someone. Somehow, I don't find the right person to be talked to. Hence, my little talk over here.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

in Hardships


When a servant is in problem, don't hesitate to talk to Allah. Talk and pray cause He always listens and never lets us down. Cry to Him cause you know, Allah is always with us. :')

Ramadhan Kareem. :)

tomorrow is the first day of fasting

Ya Rabbi.

Yeah, life has never been in a smooth plane. Somehow, I learn and try myself out to adapt to the situation. Knowing that pretty much a lot of knowledge need to be gained of and make use of it in the clinical years, I tried the best as I could. InshaAllah with Allah's help, I can survive this. Dear friends, and myself, just be positive on whatever tests that He put us on to. InshaAllah, when the time comes, we all will surely be so thankful that that had happened. Amin. Happy fasting too. :)

# just a short note.