Tuesday, November 25, 2014

hi Hanis


what a weird post.
i dedicate this to hanis amirah.
why her?
cause i think she's the only one
who took her time
maybe not much
but still she did
to read my post
because I didn't
read yours hanis.
nnt aku baca yaaa
ok macam tah pape pulak
hi hanis.
lama tak jumpa.
UM okay? haha
study okay?
hopefully all goes well for you
and be close to Allah all the time okayy?
jaga diri jaga iman

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

8 months ago

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone.

8 months ago.
why is it like that in the first place.
because 8 months ago,
i lived in this world,
without knowing
or maybe purposely acting
that i lived for nothing
when actually that
2:30 and 51:56 have been forgotten
but now, please,
hold me tightly,
loose me never,
to the jannah all the way,
to go together and not alone,
forgive all my sins,
intentionally or unintentionally,
for i am nothing without you.
iman, please be fixed and go higher and higher,
if you're down, still
try to be higher up
but when you're up there
dont be riak,
Allah does not like it
I live for the sake of Allah
from Allah I came,
to Allah I return.

jazakillahu khoir. *hugs and kiss*