Saturday, February 8, 2014

the man who decided

to change at the 12th hour dies on the 11th.


I just discovered that I understand this phrase only now. I used to heard this phrase but I barely get the meaning. but now, I really understand what it meant. How when we think we could have the time to change on let say on this particular period, but we never knew whether we able to reach that point of time or not, where Allah may have take our soul first and we don't even have the chance to change.

Thus, moral of the story, don't wait until the time comes when it doesn't even bother to wait us. To change, just change and be istiqamah with it. InshaAllah. Allah will help.


Monday, February 3, 2014



So this post is mainly dedicated for this person. kak Mumtazah Maridi. She is one of the most people that touched my soul. She told me about Islam. She's one of person that made me embrace Islam even more. Make me know Islam is not about practicing only but also delivering da'wah to others. That is when I know that we have another huge responsibility to hold and to carry out that thing. She's superb in her own way, may Allah have His Mercy on her. And I believe she's in jannah right now. Deserving what's her right and Allah, this person that you have taken the soul, may her soul be with orang2 yg beriman dan bertakwa..