Friday, September 13, 2013


Salam everyone! :)

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for everything. :')

I'm in my year two noww! :) woohoooooo... :D So many things happened in the first week. Yet future has even more amazing things awaited. Although it's only first week, class had been so packed. Start at 8 finish at 5. Some more my biological clock has not return to what it's suppose to which is to sleep early and rise early. Am feeling very sleepy in class although it's only 9 am in the morning. 2nd lecture of the day. Somehow the coming weeks are even full and yes in between got the test. :/ Yes, to become a doctor, ain't easy. I know that fact real well. Know what, my cousin once told me that, studying is easier than when you practice to become one. When you're in HO and so whatever. So I should take the opportunity to you know, get fun during study and be ready mentally and physically. Oh friends, pray for my success okay? only Allah can pay you back. InshaAllah. Amin.

I'm home now. I can never get online or update this blog if I stay in college. This is due to poor internet connection between my laptop and the wifi. I just don't get it why is my laptop is hardly get connected to upm wifi or uspot. Guess the laptop is too thin that it cannot recognise there is one more laptop wanted to be in wifi line. That is what I always thought about. Thankfully my friends are there. Their laptops are easy to get internet connection one. So, I use them sometimes, like in this week, I onlined about 2 times to 3 times. Just because it's my friends' laptop. I cannot use the laptop for too long. They have work to do also. That is laptop thing.

Aiyyah, already feel lazy to continue. I'm so so sorry that my post is too much of a crap. Didn't mean to do that though.

Till then people. Bye salam.

# when is jpa going to give me money. I need moneyyyyyyy . who don't? ekekeke
# may Allah bless us. :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Is it Necessary?

Assalamualaikum wbt!

So far, I've settled down my things in about 30-40%. Alhamdulillah. Still got lot of things to be packed. Hmmm.. I wanted to buy some other things too like sweater, sport shoes, socks, some blouses. Do you guys think it is wasteful to spend money on that? I haven't tell this one thing to you guys. I want to start wearing blouses to lectures. I don't want to fully wear baju kurung for the whole week. I want to have variation in my closet. But then, in order to wear blouses, I have to buy some first, since I don't have any. Okay tipu. It's not that I don't have at all but only 1 or 2. Arghhh, why do I feel like I don't have to tell you guys this. Really not matter to you guys pun. :/ Changes is good right. It's just that in the last two semesters I wore baju kurung to class almost everyday. Yeah, I wore baju kurung everyday except on some Friday where I have to go back home by train. Only on that day will I wear clothes other than baju kurung. Some more the clothes that I wear is a muslimah t-shirt. I know, some of you does not even bother if it's a shirt, a blouse or whatsoever clothes you put on and you guys just wear and go to class as usual. However, to me, wearing something formal is necessary to go to class. I don't know why I'm like that. Besides, as future doctors (inshaAllah), shouldn't we train ourselves to be more formal than any other students? Again, I know you guys must see it as so nerdy to wear those shirt with ties and shoes etc, but hey, believe me you look even smarter and more handsome if you wear like that. Haha. Got my point? Truthfully, I don't really care what my friends are wearing as long as their clothes covering the aurat. That should be good enough for me. Enough nagging. InshaAllah, I will try to cover my aurat as perfectly as possible. The niat, intention, really should be to wear those clothes not to please human but to please Allah the Creator. :)

Next is I told mama about how nervous and scary I was to be in second year. HAHA. Funny ain't it? But then I also told her that I feel excited to be second year and that I can't wait to see juniors. Hehe. I bet that my contentment for juniors only lasts for this batch. To really get to know the juniors since we have lots of events that we as the second years have to handle first years or freshies. :) Big responsibility isn't it? Hopefully everything going on well. InshaAllah. Great news is also reaching me in which my roommate also manage to enter second year. Alhamdulillah. Allah, I'm so grateful for this.

Till then I guess.
Bye people. salam. :)

# semoga segala urusan dipermudahkanNya. Amin. InshaAllah. :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Had These Before


InshaAllah when I'm finally becoming a doctor, I would serve my patient the best of me. InshaAllah. :) I'm feeling good to hear people calling me doctor although the journey is still long and yeah. InshaAllah. I pray a lot that I'll become what I wanted to be. I also pray that my friends (you guys) are also achieving success in your life. Most importantly to succeed in the life after. I also pray hard that there's no riya' in me. That I keep myself low down to earth as possible. As humble as possible. Because I know, there's no good in acting that way. Plus, Allah doesn't like it. ;) As of today, I feel really calm and start to pack little by little my things to bring to college. I'm going to list out things to bring etc so there wouldn't be any left out, hopefully.

Oh yeah, this morning, I watched videos on youtube regarding acne. Actually i am first watching a makeup vid which my friend posted on FB, then, it brought me to this person who has acne, gigantic one, and still doing tutorial on make up on how to cover the acne using foundation. She amazed me in so many ways. She posts her videos on the acne treatment journey. FYI, she is now under accutane treatment. It's a kind of treatment where you have to eat pills (birth control pills and some other) and that will heal the acne. Yeah, so she told the whole world about her acne. That how she got the acne, why and also showed us the progress which before and currently. And as for now, her acne has gone not totally but for sure she looks much better. And as for me, I envy her confident, her courage, her braveness, her out spoken way and herself when facing this situation. Watching her videos made me think about my days back then. When I have gigantic pimples. But I tell you, mine is not as worse as she was. Oh God, I pray that her treatment go well and she get the clear skin that she wants to.

Still, I will take good care of my skin. Aside from praying to Allah to let me has the clear skin, the smooth and flawless skin care routine. InshaAllah. eheh, mcm over pulak. I do take seriously about my skin. That is because my skin is kinda oily and acne prone. It's kind of sensitive and I have to take extra care for it. I'm quite nervous to come back to college after this and continue my study. It's because me staying at home, I rarely go out but if I go, I'll wear foundation to cover the acne scar. But to do that when you're studying, doesn't it look like you are over to even put up foundation or other words, make up during study? Oh, is it just me that feels that way. One thing for sure, I'll bring my facial cleanser to wash my face during noon break. Yeah, that is the time of the day where all your oil shows themselves and make your lovely face shining from afar. I don't feel comfortable in that way, so, washing face should be okay. ;)

Anyhow, I'm still grateful in my condition right now. It's a test remember? Allah tests you in many ways. I accepted it and to Allah I return to. :) Don't lose hope cause Allah is always by your side.. ;)

That's all. till then lovelies. Salam.

# the link about the girl I talked about :
# the title referring to second paragraph onwards

Monday, September 2, 2013

kriuk kriuk...asli

Assalamualaikum! :)

Am thinking of writing something errr crap? maybe. just my 2 cents over here. Oh no, it's useless too read unless you have plenty of time to read. then go on but if you don't want to waste your precious time on such a worthless thing, then i beg you to leave. Ohho. I sounded like desperately trying to get you outta here i guess. Haha. Oklah this post is totally random.

I browsing facebook. then i see my friends pictures. I like to see pictures. I mean, I like it when the subject of photo is happy. or pretty or gahh awesome and handsome. Then, too much of handsome pictures I clicked and I get excited. Urghh,, geli la pulak. It's not like excited excited but I just like, why all these guys are so handsome. and then I was like searching and scrolling down for more info but what is upsetting me (not so upset la more into what makes me fed up) is that they are not my friend. CHOIIII!!!! I look at their pictures and they are not even my friends but I'm happy to see those handsome faces. OhmyGODDDD. This is totally bullshit. Haha. Well, fitrah it is. To see someone handsome and pretty. We like to see something good. kan?

so, random it is.

till then.

# the title has nothing to do with the body. tsk tsk.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Important Things


I realized right now that whenever I look at my seniors, my heart, my body, my breath, my feeling will always get excited. Contentment, joyous, excitement. I feel really happy that they've passed the tough years and now they are a doctor. A real one. I feel content by just seeing their picture. How I admire them, how they inspired me so much that I really want to be in their position in future. InshaAllah. :) Dr. Fairuz Mahamod. A tag name will be made and that's what will be written on. InshaAllah. :) Allah, too many ups and downs here in this pathway of my dream. The path has never seems to be straighten but even more complicated. Yet I'm grateful to have You, Allah. This believes, this faith reassured me that anything happen, is always under Your control. I will never give up and put my trust on You. Ask You many times, cry in front of You. You're there. Allah. But sometimes, not sometimes but most of the times, U make it easy for me. Alhamdulillah.

I'm into the mood of getting into new sem now. Should prepared well mentally and physically. May Allah ease the affairs. Amin. Even right now, I'm excited with the freshies going on with orientation. Next week will be each courses orientation like medic orientation, biomed orientation, PKK orientation, KPP orientation. And I as the AJK Makanan will serve you guys with the best food we can provide of. InshaAllah. HA HA HA. Well, that sounds POYOSSS. hehe. Oklah, actually the first paragraph is the purpose of this post. The second one should be like side dishes only. It's insignificant. Thus the 3rd one should be ... hmm.. a real one from me. too.

I shed my tears when reading the newspaper about our country recent independent day. Alhamdulillah. Malaysia is such a harmony and peace country. Alhamdulillah. The reason why shedding tears is because it tells about the heroes that died in order to save Malaysia. Thus, I cried. That is that. With the sacrifices they made to save Malaysia, what about the Egyptian, the Palestinians, they must have cried even more. T.T My sisters and brothers there, they need our prayer. They have become really strong and I salute each of them. They read Quran eventhough they are in pain. And how about us. how about me? TT_TT Somehow, if people say they don't shed a tear when their family member die, I will believe that saying. Because of what? Because I know they knew that their family members died as martyr and is living peacefully in Jannah.

Realizing one thing after another. I'm still lacking about many things. I'm still struggling myself to be a better Muslim, to be a better mu'min, (InshaAllah. Amin) to be more confident, to be bravely voice out the opinion etc. I will make sure to grab the opportunity and join Konvensyen Bidadari in the near future. InshaAllah. Because I want to be bukan saja bidadari di dunia tetapi juga di syurga sana. InshaAllah. :)

u know I gave this to mama via FB. I'm a person who can't talk face to face if its about feeling or confession or what, thus, I portray it into pictures. :)

Till then people. I talk a lot tonight. Salam~

# always pray for our sisters and brothers in Mesir, Palestine, etc.
# can you pray for my success in this world and hereafter? thank you! :) heeeheee