Sunday, July 19, 2015

Farewell Ramadhan

salam and good day everyone.

Been only 3 days after ramadhan left, I already feel suffocated with the world. Not only the world, but me myself. Still juggling between the good and bad. Still juggling with emotion after ramadhan. May Allah accept my amal in ramadhan and may the momentum still be in the up up way mode. Ramadhan left, but not Allah. A really heart strikes for me.

Ramadhan. A different style and feeling felt this year. Could be due to better preparation prior to the month. Not that prepared much but at least there was as to compared to those previous years. Could be due to some rare occasion happened in life. Could be due to the challenge itself. I don't know. I think this is the first time that I care less enough to sahur and break the fast withh family. Huhuhu. Actually, this is the first time of being in Ramadhan and at the same time I'm acknowledging that I'm in tarbiyah. A wider spectrum shall I say. In terms of thoughts about tarbiyah and Ramadhan.

Will be continue later inshaAllah.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

deep inside

I cried again
Being the most ordinary human being
You know why you're being tested
You know Allah is testing you
To see your iman
To see where you will return to
To see if you move forward or not

In the eyes of Allah
I cried because I love them dearly
That I cannot express my love for them
That the choice to make
Is not them
Because Allah's love is even more for me
Allah's love is greatest
Allah's love is pure

I seek Allah everytime I felt down
Everytime I angry
Everytime I miss someone
Everytime people ignore me

The best attention that I want to is
Allah's attention
I need no others
When He knows you love other more than Him
He took all of that
He tested you
He wants you to return to Him

And Allah is the only one we return to