Friday, November 22, 2013

The Tears of Joy

Assalamualaikum wbt! :)

Hey we meet again! :) Alhamdulillah, assessment had just over yesterday.~~


Allah, I just read about this guy named Ammar. Allahu. We're at the same age 20. However, his story, has touched my heart. Allah has taken him for good. InshaAllah. :')

Allah, may everything that I did, that I will do, will have your redha. :')

I am happy but at the same time envy of him. InshaAllah, we'll have the chance of doing the same. InshaAllah.

Till then.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Even the Cats are Meowing

Assalamualaikum wbt. :)

What's up everyone. Next Thursday I'll have my MS assessment. So yeah basically in a marathon to finish all the lecture notes. Like what I did during previous assessment. I still have tonnes of load to be finished. Yet too many tests are upcoming such as the tocie ( english test for those who got band 3 for muet ) and bola tampar also got test. They want us to hit the ball and make sure it fits the correct position. Full marks will be given to those hit the target. I'm not so good in bola tampar but I can play. I can hit and get the ball to the other side of court.

Once I used to get attached to da'wah thing. I used to being brainwashed when we had our usrah. But the brainwashing is not like a torture or something, it is something that made you feel really low and deserves nothing but punishment because of the bad things you did. Allah, somehow I don't know why I feel very empty after those moments had passed. :( When I read about their journey and their feelings on this particular thing, I feel envious and I wanted to join them. However, I know there is still many other doors that can lead me to this. InshaAllah. I'll always pray for them.

For me, their presence have such a high value to me. They are precious to me. They cause me to open my eyes wide open and thought about Islam. Practices what you should practice and others. Oh. Alhamdulillah. And now, even my surrounding friends, they practice Islam. They do what Islam, what Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW ask to do. Indeed, Allah has sent me so many things through them. I think and I thought of it as it comes from Allah. All the good things, the bad things, they have valued in it which I think Allah wants me this way, Allah wants me that way, etc.

I am very keen to have knowledge. Who doesn't right? If can, I want to know every bits and bite of any knowledge in the world. I just like to have the knowledge. I am. To some extent, sometimes I feel like I'm so greedy but at the same time the spirit is not there. The enthusiasm is absent. The feeling of getting new knowledge disappear. Apparently, human being is just a human being. They have their own ups and downs. High spirit and low spirit. Happy time and moody time.

And me, I am in the middle of the ocean wave. Being carried by the wave, however, I have faith in Him. May He leads me to the right destination. Will never stop asking help from Him. Indeed.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

So This Is It

Salam. :)

Hey pals. My holidays is about to end. :'( Guess, some of you are same as me. Well, some works given beforehand are still the same as when I first got them. OMG, I haven't touch them. Will do after this, InshaAllah. :)

I actually wanted to update this blog like half an hour ago? but it was delayed since I read this piece of writing by Amy Shakirah Furzane. Go read if you have time. She wrote this once she got inspired by her favorite writer, Nicholas Spark. After finishing read his book entitled ........ *sorry I don't remember. Speaking of him, to me, Nicholas' pieces are overwhelming since the story that he brought up mostly are romance. Well, maybe a touching one too? As hard as I can remember, I never read any of his books. But what I did was just read few pages of friends' book back then. I remember my friend who is a guy telling me that he cried when he watched the movie, A Walk To Remember. I was like, whoahhhh, is the story so touching that even a man can cry? So yeah, the story did touch my heart too actually. Hahaha, I'm sorry that I sound like haven't seen the movie/ I don't know anything but when actually I already did. As far as I can remember, I didn't cry watching that movie. Maybe because I'm not into the movie?

Whatever it is. Time flies really fast. I feel like doing everything at the same time but also feeling like doing nothing. Allah. Help me go through this life with your guidance. Don't ever let me decide my own ways. Indeed the best is coming from You.

By the way, my friend I mentioned above is Pop. Ya Allah, what's his full name. Let me check his FB. Oh yeah, Amirul Fitri. He's in Mesir right now. Currently studies medicine. I wonder what he's up to now. He was my groupmate when we were in PASUM. One of the four heroes. HAHAHA. ewww, geli lah pulak calling them heroes. Whatever-lah. PASUM is always been in my heart. There's always a space I provide there specially for PASUM. :)

till then. Salam.

# Let's get the study mood again. Playing time is over.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Apa kabo semua? sihat dok? Alhamdulillah, ore sihat kat sini. Ore baru jah pah abih jale kelate. Pusing kelate slamo 3 hari gok la. Alhamdulillah. Kita ore semo slmt kelik and smpi smulo kat tmpt masing2. Sbnrnyo kalo tak da saing dari kelate, tak g jgok ke sano. Tp sbb ade, 3 ore plop tu.. haha, 3 hari kat sano dah bule kecek kelate. huhuuu. Haha. maaf deh kalo ore tulis ejaan ni salo, ore tak tahu plop nk eje, tp kalo kecek tu bule la ckit2. Haha

AHA!! So, what can you determine from the paragraph above? I went to KELANTAN!!! YEAYYYY correct! ;)))) We went there for 3 days 2 nights trip. We spent our first night in Alya's house and second night on Min's. We took lots of picture for sure. We smile, we laugh, we had fun. Thanks to Allah for giving these ni'mat. Alhamdulillah. Oh My God, I can guarantee you that you'll get more layers of fat if you stay longer in Kelantan, especially if you're lazy to exercise. Don't get me wrong, I'm saying this just because I'm not get used to the food. The food in Kelantan is really taste sweet. It's 3 times sweeter than usual or maybe more? Since most of us don't get used to that high level of sweetness, thanks to Min and Alya for reducing the sweetness of the food so that we can eat peacefully and gracefully without complaining. Ehehhh. :P

Somehow, I can adapt to the food sweetness by the time the 3rd day had arrived. I ate laksam and surprisingly I don't complain it to be sweet. But, when my other friends have little taste and they told me, 'manisnya Min!!!' , so I probably can accept that sweetness? erk, maybe? 

My transportation to this city of Cik Siti Wan Kembang is via airplane, Air Asia now everyone can fly. Huhu. We're so lucky to get the low price ticket when they have just promote the price. So people, grab the chance to have the ticket at low prices. Keep updated with Air Asia's website. Eh, like a promoter here. However, it's not me who bought the ticket. It was my friend, Rasyidah that get the tickets for us. Furthermore, she bought the ticket online and also made payment online via CIMB click. Again, if you have CIMB click, your life will get easier. Everything is at your fingertips. :D Haha, me is sad. I'm promoting this but I don't have one. Just because I don't know how to activate and also I don't have any money in my CIMB account. :'(

Okay, proceed proceed.

On this journey, Zimah and Syabi couldn't make it for they have their own solid reasons. It's okay, we'll bring them on to the next trip. Surely, they will be forced by me if they don't want to. grrrrr.. :PPP 
*ERK? me? forcing people? AHAHAH.., oppss sorry, forcing is really not my style, just telling*

Huhu, long story short. There is a sad story throughout this trip. The story is about pictures. Lots of pictures diminished, disappeared the moment Min insert memory card to her phones. Yeah, since none of us bring camera, we took those photos with camera phone, especially Min's phone. But when the kakak who inserted the memory card into her phone, she deleted / formated the phone causing all the storage to be gone. :'((( sad sad sad. Frustrated. It is definitely a lie if somebody say that they are okay with what had happened. Me too, feel sad and frustrated. Somehow to get the emotion stable, what we can do is istighfar and be positive. Allah must has prepared something better for us. InshaAllah. :')

Since this is the first trip of us, housemates to Kelantan, maybe next trip to I-don't-know-where will be on next semester? Haha. Just saying. We definitely will go to other places, if Allah wills. InshaAllah. :D Sleep over to friends house that is hundreds mile apart from home is one of the sweetest thing happen to me. Alhamdulillah. As a remarks, I wanted to write that I'm glad we could go to a long trip though we took plane and that shortened the journey like 90% of 9 hours? And that is in our year 2. More upcoming trips to be enjoyed next. InshaAllah. heeeheeee

Oh ya, there is one more thing I wanted you guys to do. Please sedekahkan Al-Fatihah for my nenek saudara that had left us 2 days ago. Al-fatihah. Semoga rohnya berada dalam kalangan orang yang beriman. Mudah-mudahan. InshaAllah. 

So, that's it people. Story of my life.

May Allah guide us to the right path of this life.

Salam. :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

welcome Nov!

Assalamualaikum and Hello hello hello.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Bismillah. After taking a deep breath, did you guys feel a little calmer than before? I do. That's why when things getting tougher in its own way, I just take a deep breath and do some zikr. So that thought will be even more rational and emotional doesn't screw up the thought. Alhamdulillah.

Am writing bits by bits what had happened to me. Tomorrow, AMSA UPM will have our very first event which is AMSA DIABETIC RUN. Yeahh, me as in Booklet Department has been really really patient and is looking forward to this day. but I'm home currently, will move to Uni just in a short while. Since yesterday my schedule was really free, I went back home. And today, I have to go back already. A load of work to be done! Need to help my friends. I want to help them to reduce their burden inshaAllah. :) A good teamwork will have their member to willingly help others. :)

Guess, that's it.

Will always wanting to write more but i just loved to create excuses so that I don't have to write long long story of mine.

Off the keyboard.

bye peeps. hopefully all is well.

Pray for me, pray for others. :)