Tuesday, December 16, 2014

it's december

Perjalananku semakin cerah.
cerah sebab aku tahu kenapa aku ada di atas muka bumi ni.
kekuatan yg ada pada diri ini,
datangnya drpd Dia.
aku menjadi lebih kuat dari sebelumnya.
sbb aku ada Dia.
Al-quran dan Al-hadis.
panduan hidup.
manual kehidupan.
seperti handphone.
andai tiada manualnya,
mana mungkin kita tahu
macam mana nak guna.
begitu juga kehidupan
Al-quran dan Al-hadis.
mengarah kita ke arah
yang sepatutnya.
which is akhirat
dunia yg sementara
penuh dgn suka ria,
riang ria tawa manusia
tapi di sebalik hati aku,
andai nya semua tersedar
adakah semua akan seperti itu lagi
atau menjadi serius menuju pengakhiran
arghhh kadang-kadang
ingin bergelak sakan
setiap masa
setiap minit
setiap saat
semuanya utk Dia
kadang-kadang terlalai
istighfar pengubat hati yang duka lara


membawa manusia kepadaNya.
sambil juga membawa diri kpd Nya juga.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

hi Hanis


what a weird post.
i dedicate this to hanis amirah.
why her?
cause i think she's the only one
who took her time
maybe not much
but still she did
to read my post
because I didn't
read yours hanis.
nnt aku baca yaaa
ok macam tah pape pulak
hi hanis.
lama tak jumpa.
UM okay? haha
study okay?
hopefully all goes well for you
and be close to Allah all the time okayy?
jaga diri jaga iman

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

8 months ago

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone.

8 months ago.
why is it like that in the first place.
because 8 months ago,
i lived in this world,
without knowing
or maybe purposely acting
that i lived for nothing
when actually that
2:30 and 51:56 have been forgotten
but now, please,
hold me tightly,
loose me never,
to the jannah all the way,
to go together and not alone,
forgive all my sins,
intentionally or unintentionally,
for i am nothing without you.
iman, please be fixed and go higher and higher,
if you're down, still
try to be higher up
but when you're up there
dont be riak,
Allah does not like it
I live for the sake of Allah
from Allah I came,
to Allah I return.

jazakillahu khoir. *hugs and kiss*

Monday, July 7, 2014

Updating through IPADonggg


I've left my blog like months. Sorry little diary. Alhamdulillah. For now, i still can update my blog. I still can type the keyboard still can think. All these nikmat from Allah. Alhamdulillah. I just finish browsing through my old blog. It is Ms Cubeaddicted. You guys cant read the blog though cause im privating the setting. Too many good memory and a bad one too in it. I wanted to search for this one kakak actually. But she's nowhere to be found. I followed her since PASUM. And now i have forgotten her name. I tried to recall her name. But it just not appear. It just doesn't come out. I wonder how is her life right now. Maybe already has a second children? Wherever she is, im praying that her life is good not only in this world but also in the hereafter.

I've passed my second year pro examination one. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. The even brighter side that i want to share is, ive join a circle again. This time with new perspective with new method of thinking, with new environment, inshaAllah, i'll try to grab and as soon as possible to let all people in this world know that Islam is beautiful. Islam has a paradise that is waiting for us to enter. Islam has Allah and Muhammad SAW as our God and prophet. Islam is beautiful. And i want to share it with you guys.

Just know that to enter jannah is easy and to enter hell is also easy. Dan sesungguhnya segala-galanya mudah bagi Allah. Ask him. And He will be ashamed to not granting his hamba's wish.

Allah, for giving me the faith. For leading me to the right path, for not leaving me alone. Thank you wa Alhamdulillah. Sesungguhnya hidupku, matiku, ibadahku hanyalah keranaMu ya Allah.

To murobbi ku, to ex-murabbi ku, to the usrahmate, to the ex-usrahmate, to the daurahmate, to the ex-daurahmate, Allah is giving me the bright path because He let me see the good in you. And indeed He knows best for me. InshaAllah.

Till then. Rasa best pulakkk menaip guna IPADoonggg. HHaha

Monday, March 31, 2014

It's April


Alhamdulillah. We're now in the fourth month of the year. Any significant? Haha. Obviously a no for me. However thinking more of it, hmm, am getting closer for my big exam which is Professional Exam I. It's o June. Did I mention before? Hmm. yes I did i think.

I don't know what to update. Just wanted to say, my holiday is about to end. Another 5 to 6 days left. Hmm. I feel like my life has been filled with some good stuff recently. Like it or not, I just love it. :)) With His guidance, oh Allah don't make me go astray. Amin. Lead me in right path. Amin. Make me strong.

Till then people. Some of my friends right now are battling in fight to pass the exam. Dear friends, may Allah ease you guys. InshaAllah. I know you guys can do it!! :))

*ps : I shall have listed out the subject that I should read. so that, there will be like guideline for me. so here it is*

First year, in first sem, modules are cells and excitable tissue (C&ET), general anatomy & embryology (GA&E), basic pharmacology (BP), biochemical, gene expression, human genetics, basic pathology, microbiology, parasitology. In Second sem, haematology, immunology, cardiovascular system (CVS), respiratory system (RS), Gastrointestinal tract (GIT) system and urinary system (US). 

Second year, first sem : endocrine system, reproductive system, musculoskeletal system, central nervous system (CNS), public health, epidemiology and medical statistics. In second sem , which is coming week, so i still have no idea what we're gonna study. so basically need to read the modules I've listed.

May Allah ease me and you. Amin. InshaAllah. :)

till then people. Salam.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Friday

So, today is Friday . I have another 2 weeks to spent and chillin' at home. Alhamdulillah for the holiday. For the rest that I get before things get busy. Before professional exam is coming. Oh yeah, I guess I should be ready for the exam. to read and understand again the facts . the exam is on Jun 9th,10th,11th. So, wish me luck here. :)))

Yesterday was the day where all form 5-er around country received what I call SPM result. SPM. ahhh already leaving that behind years ago. How long has it been since the day I got my result. It's been 4 years back. How time flies. I was in Semashur back then. Before that, I'd been in SMK Batu Unjur till form 4 then switch to boarding school. Allahu Rabbi. His plan is the greatest and yeah, the good old memories appearing right now. (even the bad one too)

My SPM result I shall say was quite good and excellent and Alhamdulillah right now, I've become and enter, pursueing my study in what I wanted the most, medic. Strangely though that my mind wasn't thinking of taking medic in the first place when I was much younger. But soon when form 4 came and I learnt bio, that's where I think I want to study medic because it's all about human. Back then, even in bio we have to learn about trees, the osmosis inside the leaf, the adherence etc. I thought that was so dry to study about. ye know, like to learn them, they are not moving yet we still learn them. If you get what I mean. So starting from that, I have always dream to be a doctor because I want to study about human. (there's a story about human here)

Little did I know that being into medicine is not to study about human only but you also have to know the right decision. (in fact, many things will you learn while being in this field) The life of people that we treated is in our hand. Wrong steps or any mistakes could lead to a real end of the world for the patient or could take them to even higher risk. Allahu Rabbi. In this journey, I shall know that I'm getting even closer to HIM. His creations are simply amazing. Everyday, I'm dealing with His creation. SubhanaAllah.

I still remember vividly how one of my lecturer shared with us how she could become a pathologist. It was all because she felt really amazing and simply amazed by Allah's creation when she saw and think that "mashaAllah, simply because of changes in one cell, it could get people to be sick" She told us how amazed she became and that's why she pursue into pathology field. It's like she likes it when she see the cell under microscope and appreciate for what it is.

Quite interesting, isn't it? I told you I have some story on human. Last week I was in my first-time-after-such-a-long-time gathering. A sis who was at that time gave the content, she suddenly asked us. Do you know what is human made up of. For Allah's sake, that's even the first time I thought. Okay maybe not the first time. But hey, the think is, what made me even got the headache is that, when we shouted out our answer like "from setitis air mani, then into segumpal darah", some got answered "from tanah" however the answers don't satisfied her. Then, since I'm the only one taking medicine, she kinda bash me laaa , like, here got one person study  human but don't know how the human is created. *relax readers, relax. I felt like whatttt. huhu. Really,  the moral here is doesn't mean you study medic , you will know everything about human. :( got to learn more. There's more than this in Quran.

That's really an eye opener for me actually. Then she told us again. The answer is inside Quran. There is answer here. So, she told us, the answer is in Surah Al-Isra' and surah Al-Hijr. I've indeed look for the answers in these two surah. Alhamdulillah I found the answer in the latter. Somehow I have to search the answer again surah Al-Isra'. The exact answer is there. Well, I have a question on this basis and should ask this further to that sis. InshaAllah in the next gathering.

Ohh I felt like I should share with you guys what have I gained from the meeting. :))

Basically, we've been told of the downs of the Ummah. How the recent concert tragedy had really big impact on us. The death (may Allah forgive them), they were part of our relatives. One of the death even is as the same age as me. Allahu Rabbi, may Allah protect us from whatever harm coming into our lives. Then, the sis also got to share with us video in youtube . The video took about 30 mins. Ahhh I forgot what is the title of it but generally, it tells us about ummah in the whole world. How is my relative doing over there in Palestin, Mesir, Syria, Algeria and many more countries where the ummah is Muslim and they are suffering.

This kind of video may have plenty times played in front of our eyes, but what I'm getting here is what should we do as muslim to help our sisters and brothers. We, indeed have huge responsibility. Hopefully me myself could carry it out in the right way. inshaAllah. you too dear readers. :))

till then. I wrote really. really long. and I wonder if ever one of you finish reading this. okay.

got to go now. hopefully. I got to share more beneficial things to you guys. inshaAllah. :))


In the last few days, or few weeks, my heart has been filled by something. Ohh. It is something that really meant to me. It's another call from Him to get me to work out and go to Him only after I done what I'm supposed to do. 

So nice of her to still thinking of me. :') To still look out and find the right person to pass me on. Allahu Rabbi. Me myself, I long to have this gathering again. I long to have the feeling again. I long to do things that we, muslims should do. 

You know, me myself already has adik-adik. Hopefully, I could give them what I should give. And to give, I must first get. So, may everything that I get from the gathering, will I share it to them. 

To see people in their own circle. I envied them, truthfully. However, I'm happy at the same time because I know, this people, they are in their way to find , to have Allah's blessing. Hopefully with the good things around me, I could also do the same to my adik-adik. 

Hopefully everything I do will only because of Allah. 

May Allah ease everything. :)))

Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Month

Salam. :)

Alhamdulillah. Exam has ended and I have full 3 weeks of holidays. yeayyyy @_@ . Hopefully I can spend my time wisely during this time. InshaAllah. Regarding final exam. Allah, I have done my best. And now I let everything for You to handle. Bismillahitawakaltu'alallah. It's actually a mix of feelings y'know. Im happy it has ended. Im scared for the results. InshaAllah everything will turn out okay. Allah knows Best , Fairuz.

So, now I'm officially finish 3rd sem. Going into 4th sem within a month. Going to face pro-exam I. Pray for me people. When is you guys pro exam? Actually not really official since the result is not out yet. It's coming out this Wednesday for Viva result and then full result would be this Friday. Hopefully all is well. InshaAllah. :)

What I wanted to do during this holidays? Let's list out some.
1. I want to compensate all my sleep. Like seriously although I slept the earliest among my friends but somehow on the last two days, I slept at 2 am and wakes up 5.30 am. Guess my body never get used to it since my body clock has always been 11.30 to 12.00 until 5.30-6.00 am. hehe
2. I want to read. Hopefully I can finish reading the books I brought back home. I bought 3 of them during big bad wolf. And also, another book about Presiden Morsi. Yeah, I should be a reader. One of my friends once said, a good leader arise from those who read. So yeah, can you see my point? InshaAllah.
3. Cleaning up the house and try to make things easier for mama at home. Since me and my adik perempuan, we're both staying at hostel, mama is all alone washing and cleaning up all stuff at home. I know ayah has been really helpful to mama and now, it's time to help them. They have had enough while working, I mean you know, they have been tired and exhausted from working all day from 7 to 5. So, I must help them and should be able to help them since I'm staying home only. inshaAllah.
4. This last one, I'm not sure whether I can do it like everyday or when I have the mood to do so. It's cooking. When I were on my break period between form 5 until going into asasi, I did cook for family. For adik-adik lah kan. They're all coming back home in the afternoon and I was like the housewife on action and cooked for them. Huhuu. I reckon that was the most rajin I can be in order to cook. But now, things have changed. Since I've living in hostels and only get home by weekend, I rarely cook and only on the weekend I help little little bit with mama as the chef. So, cooking is really not into me right now. but I'll try to do it. InshaAllah.

So, apart from these above, I think the basic routine of our life like pray on time, reading quran, listen to good stuff like listen to da'wah thing etc, that should never once be missed. Allah, I need You to give me strength in order to do all these. Istiqamah it is. InshaAllah. Let's be istiqamah. =)

Lastly, it's about MAS MH370, the missing flight. Allah, wherever they are, may You provide them the safety, the assurance of being back alive and Allah, You knows best. InshaAllah.

Till then people. #prayforMH370

Saturday, February 8, 2014

the man who decided

to change at the 12th hour dies on the 11th.


I just discovered that I understand this phrase only now. I used to heard this phrase but I barely get the meaning. but now, I really understand what it meant. How when we think we could have the time to change on let say on this particular period, but we never knew whether we able to reach that point of time or not, where Allah may have take our soul first and we don't even have the chance to change.

Thus, moral of the story, don't wait until the time comes when it doesn't even bother to wait us. To change, just change and be istiqamah with it. InshaAllah. Allah will help.


Monday, February 3, 2014



So this post is mainly dedicated for this person. kak Mumtazah Maridi. She is one of the most people that touched my soul. She told me about Islam. She's one of person that made me embrace Islam even more. Make me know Islam is not about practicing only but also delivering da'wah to others. That is when I know that we have another huge responsibility to hold and to carry out that thing. She's superb in her own way, may Allah have His Mercy on her. And I believe she's in jannah right now. Deserving what's her right and Allah, this person that you have taken the soul, may her soul be with orang2 yg beriman dan bertakwa..

Friday, January 31, 2014



Salamualaikum. :)

Hey world. whats up? I've been good. Holidays right now. Thanks to Chinese New Year I get to rest for 5 days. Weeee. Okay, currently my module is epidemiology. You know, we learn about the illness that is not only happen in certain part but also worldwide. Recently my group, we had to present SARS for Communicable Disease and Stroke for Non-Communicable Disease. 

Ohh I don't know what else to write. Okay, now let us feel thankful and grateful for everything that happen around us. The sky, the weather, the easiness, the happiness we have, the laughter, family, and so many things I believe that give u, me happiness and feeling blessed. As for me, able to gain new knowledge and able to apply it in life, is a really bless from Allah. He gives me a lot. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah and Alhamdulillah. I know what I should now. Just stay positive, be positive and be one. InshaAllah. 

Oh I just realized that I last update my blog like 15 days ago. and this is my last post for january 2014. Allah. Although time flies (sure it is) , so do everything. Not literally fly but every seconds there were something happen and until now, what am I doing? Updating this blog again. Huhu. Allah, sometimes I feel like the thing that I write here, isn't suppose to be published, or is it not? Some of my rants, they are really really rants and actually I don't write a lot pun. I just say few words and I save it and publish it and ta-daaaa, my new post. =='

The fact that is sure is that, most of time, I spent on studying. Going, sitting and listening to lectures, doing SCL (student centered learning kinda tutorial), revising etc. Yes, I do feel like I'm using my time wisely. However, hopefully, I could also not only surviving the world but also Akhirat. May Allah bless me in whatever am doing, and also for you guys. May we get what we want and may we never go astray and Allah is the Best Listener. What I'm trying to say here is that, I want to balance my both duniawi and ukhrawi. Never say that you don't have time for akhirat because Allah is always preparing you the time. It's just we that don't know, don't realize how we could afford to do both at the same time. For example, very easy, you can start everything with Bismillah. And Niat, your intention to do it because of Allah. There you go, not only achieving the world excellency but also akhirat. inshaAllah. :)

I can hear laughter outside of my room right now. Maharaja Lawak Mega is airing right now. This week is 12th week. I watched just now and yeah, they are fun. But I guess, right now, is even more fun because they laugh overly out loud over there. I heard my sister and brotherrrr...Arghhh, I just want to go and see what happen but I also wanted to continue this. Hehe. Sure tomorrow there will be somebody posted up on internet. Can just watch online tomorrow.

#mood to revise endocrine module is on. InshaAllah. Final exam is in a month. Should start revising early. May Allah ease my journey. Amin. ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Glimpse that is not so

Salam.. :)

just finish another camp.

may everything that had happened has the big impact in my life.

Since we're in our second years, we were the one organizing the event and first years as the participants. Alhamdulillah everything went well and most of the time, me and my friends, we took a lot of photos and we enjoyed ourself there. Hopefully, there is something to learn by heart in the midst of joyous and playfulness of us while being there. I get to play the river for an hour ? or less since me as AJK Makanan, we had to you know, be punctual about serving and preparing the food. My teamwork with the rest of AJKs is great. I like it when we able to finish preparing the food before they got to eat. The ukhuwah we built there, may will be long lasting. inshaAllah.

This coming friday is a rest day for me and friends. Since Thaipusam fall on that day, we get the benefits by getting one day off from lectures and whatsoever. So, tomorrow, me is going back home. yeayy. Rasa macam da lama tak balik. Padahal baru 3 minggu yang lepas balik. Huhu.

K lah, goodbye peeps. May Allah bless us everytime, every second and moment of our life. InshaAllah. :)